Blog Consulting

On the Social Web, blogs can play an integral part in your company’s marketing efforts. Whether you’re using them for lead generation, customer retention, to establish industry prominence, branding or for community development, putting a voice to your company is often what lifts you ahead and above your competition. It’s how you stand out in a sea of noise.

Our blog consulting services are designed to help businesses start out, and stay, on the right path with blogging. Whether you have a new blog you need set up and optimized or you’re a blogging pro looking to increase traffic and monetization, we can help. Our blog consulting services combine our vast knowledge of search engine optimization, with our love and expertise in community building and voice creation.

Feather Direct’s blog consulting services include:

  • BLOG STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: We can provide your in-house team with a comprehensive blog strategy that is customized to address the goals you’re after. Whether you need help optimizing the blog, making it more social and user-driven, bringing a unique voice to the content, crafting an editorial calendar or increasing user engagement, Outspoken Media is uniquely skilled in building a custom strategy for you.
  • BLOG OPTIMIZATION: Anyone can head to and create a blog, but it’s far more difficult to optimize that blog in a way that ensures it’s findable to readers. If you’re not sure whether your blog is performing at it’s absolute best, we can perform an audit to evaluate your current blog structure and blog optimization strategies. Or, if you prefer, we can dive right in and do the work ourselves to make your blog user- and search engine-friendly right off the bat. We specialize in WordPress blog optimization and Thesis theme customization, which includes the creation of custom hooks based on your unique needs.
  • BLOG MIGRATIONS: Do you have a blog on WordPress (old or new), Joomla, Drupal or even something hard-coded? If so, the thought of moving that blog to something new can be darn near terrifying. We understand, however, by not moving it, you may be limiting yourself in functionality. Let us help you by working with your team to develop a blog migration plan. These customized migration plans cover the technical, content, social and branding considerations your blog needs to succeed. And of course, just to make sure everything goes smoothly, we’ll meet with your team before, during and after delivery of the plan to handle any hiccups that may occur.
  • BLOG MONETIZATION STRATEGY: Have you already built a community and rankings around your blog, but now you’re trying to monetize it? Are you afraid if you try the community with revolt and you’ll lose the power of the site you loved? You can rest easy. As part of our blog consulting services, we’ll analyze the site to find custom monetization opportunities and show you how to effectively manage them, without turning off existing users. There’s no reason you can’t have both.

You can see a full listing of our available internet marketing services or contact ustoday to see how we can help your website.